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Welcome to our Adjustable Loft Pillow: the last pillow you will ever need to own!

Have you ever desired the perfect pillow, one that made you say "wow, this feels like it was made for me!"  If so, keep reading...

We started A Little Pillow Company in 2007 because we were tired of almost great pillows and waking up wishing our nights had been just a tad more comfortable.  (We had a perfect mattress so we knew that wasn't it.)  It took months and months of R&D to get what we wanted but we did and we've never looked back.  Our Original Hypoallergenic Pillow has been amazingly popular, even though we've shunned Big Box Stores and Department Stores in favor of connecting directly with our customers via our website.

Now even with a perfect pillow there are always those customers out there who need or want something slightly different, maybe something a little (or a lot) firmer or something a little (or a lot) flatter.  The truth was there were too many necks, backs and bodies with different requirements to make even our amazing pillow fit everyone perfectly.  However, we were convinced that this pillow had the true potential to be that Perfect Pillow for Everyone so we kept at it hoping one day to discover the secret formula.  And discover it we did.

The day the light bulb went off was the day we realized that if we gave people the ability to TWEAK their own pillow, at home, at anytime, there was nothing to stop this pillow from achieving that goal for everyone.

So the day has finally arrived where you can choose how deeply and restfully you want to spend that 1/3rd of your life you sleep (or should sleep).  Will this pillow prevent ugly nightmares after a evening of too much wine and cheese?  Perhaps not, but at least the moment of waking will be pleasant as you find your head cradled in your own custom pillow goodness.

But how do we achieve this, you ask....

We designed this pillow with an invisible zipper which allows you easy access to the Deluxe Cluster Fiber fill inside.  Simply unzip, add or remove fill and zip closed.  Easy, fast and perfect. 

And this Deluxe Cluster Fiber we use is truly an amazing product, not only because it's hypoallergenic, machine-washable and a cool fiber, but also because it is comprised of thousands upon thousands of tiny pea-size "clusters" of fibers which are mechanically processed to create a soft yet spring-like support.  Your head will no longer continue to sink to the mattress as it does with down and micro-down fibers.  It won't be stuck in one unyielding place as it is with foam and even memory foam.  There is no noise factor like buckwheat and microbead.  Simply put, Cluster Fiber is the best, and even better is that we have access to the best of the best of it.  (Cluster Fiber comes in different grades and we only use the highest.)

If that's not enough to convince you that this is a pillow you Must Have, know also that we WANT you to be happy and sleep oh-so well (it's that above-mentioned sleeping passion coming out again) so we will even let you return it to us for a full refund even if after 3 months you should, for some obscure reason, not love the pillow.  (*Sorry, shipping charges are non-refundable.)

Oh, and lest I forget, this pillow can be personalized for back, side and stomach sleepers, which is even more perfect if you are all three at once!

Now we know that buying a pillow isn't what one would naturally consider a 'fun' purchase, but then again, once you sleep on our pillow, that's when the fun truly begins!  Imagine waking up rested every morning and looking forward to going to bed each night because you know that you will spend those hours with your head sunk into something wondrous.  Is that purchase not worth being a fun one?

Now that you are convinced you finally need to make your sleeping comfort a priority, we will make it even easier and let you go directly to the page where you can purchase your very own Adjustable Loft Pillow so that in less than a week you too can sleep the sleep of your dreams.

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