Organic vs. Non-Organic Cotton

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Which is better for a pillow: organic or non-organic cotton?
The real question of course is which is better: organic or non-organic cotton? 
Unfortunately the answer isn't easy or clear.  Most people automatically assume that "organic" is always better but at least in the cotton industry that isn't necessarily the case.  For one, organic does not mean pesticide- or herbicide-free.  It simply means that any -cides used must be non-synthesized, i.e. coming from a natural source.  But let's be clear: these natural sources of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are plenty nasty on their own and one wouldn't want to consume them or put them on their bodies!  Turpentine, cyanide, pyrethrum, hemlock, and the list goes on, are all very natural substances but will also make you pretty unhappy with direct contact or consumption.  

The good news for cotton here, both organic and non-organic, is that the fibers themselves once they reach the consumer carry no residue whatsoever of any synthesized or natural -cides.

The other side of the "organic cotton story" that isn't talked about (and companies touting their organic cotton pillows aren't interested in telling you) is the labor involved in the actual harvesting of the cotton. The vast majority of all organic cotton sold in the US is coming from countries such as Turkey and India that use cheap labor, including children(!), to handpick the cotton.  

So to answer the question, no, we don't specifically use organic cotton.  We'd hate to think that any child had to leave school and work in the field in order to provide us and you with a pillow.  We just don't want to take that chance.  And sadly there is enough ambiguity in the "USA certified 100% organic cotton" label that makes us steer clear for the moment.  But that's another dark-story maybe we will share at a later date...

For now, A Little Pillow Company will say this: we are 100% committed to supporting and researching the best and most honest production methods possible, be it in growing and processing cotton or transportation or greener energy.  And we promise to keep you updated on whatever we discover! 

If you ever have any other questions or concerns, about this subject, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Heather & Loyd McCoy, owners

A Little Pillow Company

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