Watering plants with cooled leftover cooking water

Sustainable Home & Garden Ideas: Watering Plants with Cooking Water

We all have been at fault at some point in our lives for trying some crazy tactic for attempting to make our plants grow.  Whether it is homemade fertilizer or sun lamps, everyone has their own tricks. Here’s another trick you can use to water your plants, plus it's inexpensive and effective. This trick is to use cooking water from pasta and vegetables to give your plants extra nutrition. The next time you boil pasta or steam some vegetables in your kitchen, instead of pouring the water down the drain, use it in your garden or in your house to keep your plants green and flourishing.  You can also use water from boiling eggs, which is full of calcium your plant needs to grow. This method of watering your plants works because it acts like a fertilizer to give your plants the nutrition they need to survive. This is a great alternative if you do not have the space or time to develop a compost pile.

How does this process really work? When you boil your food such as pasta, vegetables, eggs, or potatoes, many of the micronutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and calcium are boiled off into the water.  Therefore, after you have let the water cool down, not only will you provide your plants with a nice drink, the plants also get a bit of much needed fertilizer from the nutrients within the water. There are many advantages to using cooking water to feed your plants. Not only is it cost effective and resourceful, the fertilizer it provides for your plants gives them a more stable and steady growth period.  The water will help promote natural nutrient storage within the soil. This means you will not have to fertilize your plants or garden as often providing longevity for your soil. It will also help your soil retain more moisture, therefore reducing the amount of times you will need to water.

Watering plants with cooled leftover cooking water

There are various unique ways to fertilize your plants and provide that extra needed nutrition. For those individuals who are looking to save money and do not have the space to compost, then cooking water is for you. Its hassle free, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and it provides your garden with all the nutrients it needs to thrive.  If this is your first time trying cooking water, start off slow. Don’t get too complicated while attempting to choose vegetables and other foods that you think will boil off the exact nutrients you need for your garden. Start with pasta and basic steamed veggies before attempting more creative organic ideas.  I strongly recommend to supplement watering your plants with cooking water to give them that extra nourishment. 

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