Troll Hill House: A new local business we love!

Troll Hill House: A new local business we love!

A Little Pillow Company is proud to offer a selection of enchanting natural gifts from Troll Hill House, a new small family business here in beautiful Swoope, Virginia.  Since the website is currently still under-construction, we are happy to provide a platform for some of our favorite items!

Troll Hill House logo

Welcome to Our Enchanted World

of Faerie-Kissed Flower Seeds

and Magical Gifts from Nature

All Individually Handmade

from Recycled, Upcycled and All Natural Things

If you are looking for a naturally enchanted handmade, earth-friendly gift then we welcome you to our little shop.

In addition to beautifying your own garden, our seed packets also make the perfect birthday gift, stocking stuffer, wedding and party favor, corporate and tradeshow giveaway, or "just because" happy.   


If you know someone who is need of a little luck, then one of our wild caught Good Luck Clover may be just the ticket.  

Or for a touch of Nature inspired elegance, look no further than our soothing 100% natural beeswax Blessing Candles

Whichever you choose, you can rest assured it's been thoughtfully handcrafted with love and deep consideration for our dear Planet.  

To see the full collection of Troll Hill House products we are offering at this time, click here.

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