At what age should I give my child a pillow?

Pediatricians recommend pillows not be given to children under the age of 2 years.  Know that there are some children who may begin needing some nighttime lift as early that and then others who aren't looking for that until later.  It's best to introduce them to one and let them use it as they feel the physical need.  Many give the the indication that they are ready for a pillow by sleeping on their arm or a blanket.  Also know that a pillow may not be necessary all night in the beginning.

Some parents have asked us if there is a problem because their toddler may be off the pillow by morning, wondering if the pillow is too high or too small.  It is quite normal for children first starting out with a pillow not to need the loft all night.  Every child is different so be careful not to jump into a larger size if this happens at the outset.  Pediatricians do not recommend giving a toddler an adult size pillow; the loft is simply too much for them.