What makes this pillow so special?

Two A Little Pillow Company pillows on a bed

We did the research so you don't have to....

After years of testing, we finally found THE ONE pillow fill that gives the most comfortable and supportive sleep - and at a great price.

Once upon a time, A Little Pillow Company set out to track down the best pillow available and offer it to all people everywhere.  Having grown tired of almost great pillows, we felt sure there had to be something, somewhere out there that would deliver on its promises.  So began months of research on every aspect of pillows and sleep - from fills, casings, weight, loft, size, neck pain, back pain and even snoring.  A Little Pillow Company field tested dozens of pillows - in all shape, styles and price ranges:

  • Down
  • Feather
  • Micro (or alternative) down
  • Simple polyester
  • Shredded latex
  • Foam
  • Memory foam
  • Micro-bead
  • Buckwheat

Most had several quality characteristics, but none had them all...except one.

We found a structured polyester, cluster fiber that created a perfectly soft yet supportive pillow.  This is the top-of-the-line product in polyester fibers and far exceeds downs, feather and micro-downs in support.  What sets it apart is the fact that, in one sense, it is already clumped or matted into tiny clusters which means it will never clump or mat again.  You'll never end up with a worn-out solid mass of fill in your pillow.  The pre-clustered nature of the fill also means that there is a "mechanical spring" already built into each cluster that provides the support.  Given that this is a loose fill material, you are even able to adjust the pillow and have it conform to your bends and curves without it going flat.

It continually came out on top in every category...

  • Support
  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Weight
  • Comfort

...and so was finally declared The Best Fill.

The Prototype Pillow was used for over 15 years by the Owner before retiring it for a new one. Now that's a good pillow.