Fun Craft Project: Coloring on a Pillowcase

Today we are going to teach you how to add some "cute" to a plain white pillowcase and have fun with your kids at the same time. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • One of our white pillowcases (for best results, pre-wash and iron it )
  • Crayola crayons (true Crayola brand is really a must for this project) or fabric markers
  • Plain paper or a paper grocery bag or newspaper
  • Paper towels
  • An iron
  • Oh and little creativity won't go amiss either

First of all you will want to line your pillowcase preferably with a piece of cardboard, although some plain white paper in layers will work too.  This will give the case a little stability as you draw and act as a buffer when you iron your finished project.

Next, get out those crayons or markers and start drawing, coloring, doodling and masterpiecing! 

*If you've used fabric markers, at this point simply follow the directions what came with them.  If you've used crayons, read on....

Once you've finished having oodles of fun, place several layers of paper towel inside the pillowcase on top of the interior cardboard or plain paper.  This will be absorbing any wax that oozes through the case and prevent it from getting on the backside of your pillowcase.  Also place paper towel on top of the drawing.  This will absorb the bulk of the wax from the crayon.   Now add more plain paper or newspaper over the top of this layer of paper towel to minimize wax from seeping through the paper towel onto you iron.  It won't hurt it but it will prevent your having to clean your iron afterward.  (TIP: This really isn't complicated.  All you are really wanting to do is sandwich the drawing with several layers of paper towel.)


Now use a cotton setting and begin ironing the drawing.  (What is happening here is that the wax gets melted out of the drawing and the color remains. Neat, huh?) You will want to keep checking, changing and adding paper towel until you see no more wax coming out.  This will take longer for more heavily colored areas.  Once the paper towel looks clean of wax, you're done.  You can now launder as usual and no more wax or color will be released from the drawing. 


Woohoo....wasn't that fun!  And aren't you ready to do more?  This is a great activity to do at parties and family reunions and on rainy days when the kids are crawling walls....or COLORING the walls.  They (the cases, not the kids) also make great gifts!