What is the Adjustable Loft Feature?

  • Our Adjustable Loft Feature is an invisible zipper on one end that allows you to add or remove any amount of the Flex-Fill needed to perfectly customize your pillow. Simply unzip, add or remove fill, then zip closed.  This feature opens the door to untold years of sustainable use from the same pillow with topping-up becoming the new norm vs throwing away and starting over: a value both you and our environment can appreciate. NOTE: You may request any pillow without a zipper by simply including a note at checkout or popping us an email.

  • All pillows are sent slightly over-stuffed so customers who prefer a firmer/higher loft won’t need to immediately purchase more fill for their pillows. This means that the majority of people will most likely need to remove some at the beginning.
  • Normally unzipping the pillow is a smooth process but to ensure less chance of any bits of fill getting stuck in the zipper, press down on the pillow at the zipper-end pushing as much of the fill to the “bottom” of the pillow as possible. If the zipper should hang on any fill while unzipping, pull on the strands of fluff until they are removed then proceed with the unzipping.
  • Before closing the pillow after adding or removing fill, put your hand inside the pillow and again press it down and away from the zipper. Check to make sure the zipper is clear then zip closed.  Again, should any stray clusters get caught, simply pick and pull them out.