How is A Little Pillow Company pillow different from other pillows?

Couple sleeping on Adjustable Loft Standard Size Bed Pillows by A Little Pillow Company. Machine wash. Hypoallergenic. Made in Virginia Since 2007

First of all we start with a 200 thread count percale 100% cotton cover which we double-stitch for added strength.

Inside we use a deluxe recycled cluster polyfiber fill for all of our pillows.  This amazing fill is not only hypoallergenic, machine-washable, durable and cool but also supportive due to the thousands of tiny pea-size "clusters" of fibers which are mechanically processed to create a soft yet spring-like support. 

Adjustable Loft Bed Pillow from A Little Pillow Company. Add or remove fill to make perfect. 100% cotton percale cover. Machine Washable. Hypoallergenic.

Your head will no longer sink all the way to the mattress as it does with feather, down and micro-down fibers.  It won't be stuck in one unyielding place as it is with foam or memory foam.  There is no noise or hardness against your ears or face noise as with buckwheat and microbead.  Simply put, we find cluster fiber the best all around pillow fill for a good sleep.  And a long one!  Our pillows have been know to last 25+ years! 

And even better, our Adjustable Loft Pillows allow you to access this superior fill via an invisible zipper on one end to add or remove any amount you need to customize the feel to your personal perfection. 

(*Our Cluster Fiber is a Made in the USA product!)