A Size for Everyone & Everywhere

From the furthest reaches of the backpacking backcountry to the hippest RV rally or Overlander's Expo, from a family of devoted skoolies to the most minimalistic tiny houser or wandering van lifer, or simply back home in the humblest of beds, we have a pillow suited for all possible occasions and people:

All pillows from A Little Pillow Company

And with our Adjustable Loft Feature, you can add or remove any amount of the filling needed to perfectly customize the pillow to your sleeping needs. Simply unzip, add or remove fill, then zip closed.  This feature opens the door to untold years of use from the same pillow with topping-up becoming the new norm vs throwing away and starting over: a value both you and our environment will appreciate.


*You can order extra bags of Flex-Fill here.