Welcome to A Little Pillow Company

We are a small Virginia-based company that has been making sustainable, earth-friendly bed pillows for all ages since 2007.  With A Little Pillow Company you can feel good knowing that every pillow is Made in the USA from locally sourced materials.  Our proudest moment to date is our ALPC Organic line.  These pillows are made from a USDA certified 100% organic cotton grown in Texas and filled with our certified eco-friendly Flex-Fill.  Now we can all save the planet a little more while we sleep.

All pillows from A Little Pillow Company

All of our pillows and pillowcases are individually made right here in Virginia from the highest quality materials by good local folk.  The pillows are not churned out in a foreign faceless factory but lovingly made by happy people who enjoy coming to work every day to sew and stuff your pillows.

Headquarters of A Little Pillow Company

Our sustainable Flex-Fill is at the heart of every pillow.  This superbly soft AND supportive fill is made from 100% recycled BPA-free plastic bottles and helps keep millions of them out of our oceans and landfills.  In one standard pillow alone, 39 homeless single-use plastic bottles are sequestered from our environment and put to a far better use in giving the gift of good sleep.  

Adjustable Loft Pillow from A Little Pillow Company

A Little Pillow Company may be a "little" business but we are big on customer service, attention to detail and providing the world with the most comfy and earth-friendly pillows possible.