Your Health and Safety

We are serious about investing in your healthiest present and future.

Mom and her baby safely sleeping on A Little Pillow Company baby and standard size pillows

Given the amount of time we each spend every day sleeping (not to mention over the course of an entire lifetime) it becomes easy to see how vital it is we spend that time on the safest and cleanest pillow available.  Here's why A Little Pillow Company pillow is the one you can trust:  

We use 100% USA-grown cotton for all of our pillow covers and pillowcases: a fiber made by Mother Nature herself that is 100% plant-based, naturally breathable and super easy to keep clean. 

Our 100% organic cotton fabric is USDA Certified Organic and Texas-Grown and significantly kinder for our planet in the growing and processing stages.  It is made into a deliciously soft, naturally colored knitted fabric which has a production stage (spinning, cleaning, knitting, etc) the lowest of all fabrics with regard to energy-, carbon- and water-resources.  It has no additives of any kind (dyes, bleaches, anti-wrinkle or flame retardants).

Our woven percales are not made from organic cotton so aren't as good for the planet, but the fabric has been thoroughly cleaned and contains no flame-retardants or anti-wrinkle additives; and it is woven in such a way that the fabric will last for years and years. 

Our fill is made from RPET, aka Recycled PET, aka Recycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate which is a form of polyester similar to the clothing fabric. *PET contains NO (and never has contained) BPA.  Nor does it contain phthalates or endocrine disruptors. RPET has been approved safe for human contact, including foodstuffs and beverages, by the FDA, Health Canada, the European Food Safety Authority and virtually every other health-safety agency in the world. It has been used for food and beverage containers for decades without any known adverse effects. Extensive studies of RPET, of which our fill is 100% made, have repeatedly shown it to be safe and hypoallergenic, with zero off-gassing or leaching of any kind.