Our Pillow

Because the health of your sleep and our planet is important.

Why buy a pillow from A Little Pillow Company

All it took was a cursory look into the world-wide bedding industry to make us want to create something better.  And the more we discovered, the more committed we became.  What we have found most heartbreaking is the amount of energy and resources used to make textiles, not to mention the excessive waste and pollution produced. We as "a little pillow company" had to step up and be part of the change so desperately needed.  It took some time, but we pushed through and finally got our pillow the way we dreamed it: eco-friendly, made locally, sustainably, organically and 100% USA-sourced.  We even know the farmer who grows our cotton!  

For the fill, we chose something recycled and scrumptiously supportive.  This Flex-Fill is made from 100% recycled single-use BPA-free plastic water bottles.  It's mechanically tumbled into small squishy yet springy clusters, creating a perfect loose fill.  This means when you choose one of our pillows, you are not only giving yourself the gift of a delicious sleep but are also removing unwanted plastic from our oceans and landfills.  For every pound of Flex-Fill made, 23 homeless bottles are transformed into a product that is safe, hypoallergenic, machine-washable and blissfully comfy.

But that was just the materials and the manufacturing process.  We needed to find a way to help combat the continuous stream of pillow waste entering the landfills.  Too often people feel that throwing a pillow away is the only option when it no longer performs.  Sure, it may linger in a closet for a few years, but ultimately when a pillow has become flat, or hard, or simply too "gross", it will end its life in the trash.  And this is why we came up with our Adjustable Loft Feature.  

Adjustable Loft Feature on A Little Pillow Company pillows

With an invisible zipper on one end, not only are you now able to add or remove any amount of fill desired to customize your perfect pillow, but it opens the door to years and years of love with the same pillow.  Topping-up is the new norm vs throwing away and starting over. And because all of our pillows can be machine-washed and -dried, keeping them clean is now easy-peasy.

We are so proud to have tens of thousands of happy (and returning) customers trust us with their sleeping comfort since we opened our doors in 2007.  If you are one of them, THANK YOU.  If you're not yet, well then, give us a try. There's always room for one more :) 

*Keeping it USA-Local:

Our Organic Cotton: Grown in Texas   >  Spun and woven in North Carolina  >  Made into pillow covers and pillowcases here at ALPC in Virginia

Our Recycled Flex-Fill: Made in South Carolina  >  Stuffed into pillows here at ALPC in Virginia.

Zippers & Thread: Made in Georgia > Sewn into pillows here at ALPC in Virginia

Working at A Little Pillow Company

As a company we are also always striving to become even more sustainable in our packaging.  Due to the hygienic nature of our products, plastic bags are required so we found a bag that can be recycled into other unique products, from composite lumber to fabric. When done with them, simply drop them off at any grocery store Plastic Film Recycling Bin.  

Our large pillows (and larger orders) are shipped in plain cardboard boxes.  Not printed with any dangerous inks or dyes, they are fully compostable.  Or use them as a weed-barrier in your garden!

Garden at A Little Pillow Company