The Versatility Travel Pillow

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Are you ready for a truly useful and comfy travel pillow?  One that isn't unyielding and rigid or permanently formed into any particular shape?  How about one that will actually stuff into a bag and not just dangle on the outside, knocking about and getting dirty?  Ooooo, better yet, one that can be washed and dried!  

Our Versatility Travel Pillow is designed with all such lovelies in mind.  At 10x24 it's soft and supple and stuffable and can be formed into that neck-wrap shape so many like.

Or it can be left long and used as a back pillow.  Or a side pillow.  Or stuffed into the gap between an airplane seat and the window.  Or tucked between your knees at night.  How about as a topper pillow for reading in bed.  Or an arm support pillow (think mini-body pillow). 

For those of you ladies, how shall we delicately put it....? Well-endowed.  If you would finally like to sleep on your stomach, this pillow is excellent for forming a lifted bridge just below your bosom raising you enough to make stomach-sleeping possible again. 

Truly the list of posturing possibilities is endless!  Give it a try and let us know of new ways you find our Versatility Travel Pillow to be your best traveling buddy.

Give the pillow some added protection with one of our pillowcases.  These are made from a white 100% untreated cotton percale and come in the regular/open-ended style.

*As with all of our pillows, this is a Certified Eco-Friendly Product handcrafted from a soft untreated 100% cotton cover and filled with our hypoallergenic Flex-Fill.

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  • Pillowcases sold separately
  • Machine Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cover: 100% Untreated Cotton
  • Fill: Flex-Fill made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Made in Virginia since 2007
  • Pillowcase sold separately


Machine-wash on cold and dry thoroughly on low or medium.  Using a couple of dryer balls will help facilitate drying.  Fluff as needed.