Our Team

We are a small Virginia-based company that opened its doors in 2007 with one wish: to make the most comfortable and sustainable pillows possible.  From the very beginning it has been our top priority to make sure all of our pillows and cases are made from the highest quality earth-friendly materials available and made right here in the USA. 

We are made up of a small group of dedicated local folks who sew each and every pillow and pillowcase by hand. Our products are not cranked out in some faceless foreign factory but lovingly made by happy people who enjoy coming to work everyday.

Owners Heather & Loyd McCoy on an Earthwatch Expedition

Dedicated though we are to providing excellence in pillows and customer service, we are also committed to taking care of ourselves and our environment.  We try to make the most of our vacation and weekend downtime by staying active and doing what we can for our world around us.

Hiking at Crabtree Falls, VA

For us, creating the closest connection with our Customers and our Earth requires us staying small and sustainable.  This may mean of course we aren't always able to answer the phone immediately or get your pillow to you within 24 hours or even offer free shipping and returns, but one thing we promise you: we love our customers, the pillows we make and our precious planet and will continue do all we can for all three.

 The extended team picking strawberries