People-Friendly. Planet-Friendly.

Since 2007, A Little Pillow Company has been handcrafting the most scrumptious allergy-free, fully adjustable and truly sustainable pillows available. Here's to another 17 years!

100% Organic.

100% Non-Toxic.

100% USA Made.

In addition to being oh-so comfy, there are many more reasons to love these pillows for life!

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    From thread to fill, each pillow is sustainably made from materials sourced entirely in the southern USA creating the lowest possible carbon-footprint.

  • Earth-Friendly Designs

    The Adjustable Loft Feature ensures the longest life for your investment and the planet as topping-up becomes the new norm vs throwing away and repurchasing. 

  • Giving Back

    A portion of every sale goes to supporting local and national caring organizations.

Using the Adjustable Loft Feature