The far-reaching impact of buying just one pillow from A Little Pillow Company

Caring. Plain & Simple.

The far-reaching impact of buying just one pillow from A Little Pillow Company

It starts with one choice.  And then the next choice after that.  And the next.  And so on.  One change.  One purchase. One vote. They all add up - and trickle down - and out - and ahead.

Choosing a pillow from us is one of those far-reaching choices.  

For you, it starts with one night of restful sleep on your perfect pillow, followed by a day of more energy and focus.  And then the next night it happens again.  And again.  Add up all those rejuvenating hours and you have a profound investment in yourself and those around you.  

But now add in all who by extension are being supported by this one purchase. This one pillow:

  1. The farmer (and his family) in Texas who grew the cotton.
  2. The people at the gin who processed the cotton.
  3. The truckers who moved the cotton to the next place of production - and those who brought it and the other materials to us here in Virginia.
  4. The employees at the facility in North Carolina who turned that cotton into the knitted fabric.
  5. The employees in the Georgia facility who made the zipper and the thread.
  6. The people at the recycling company that sorted all the plastic water bottles.
  7. The people at the company who turned those recycled bottles into our fill.
  8. Those who work at the box and bag manufacturing plants that supply the packaging.
  9. Each UPS and Post Office carrier who got the finished pillow to you.
  10. All of the employees who work at Shopify and keep our website going.
  11. Those of us who work at A Little Pillow Company.
  12. All the charitable organizations that the owners of A Little Pillow Company support with a portion of each sale.
  13. The little bit of space in the landfill that wasn't taken up by the bottle being simply thrown away.
  14. The little bit of bigger space in the landfill that isn't taken up by a pillow, because this one is made to be durable and cleanable and last for years and years.
  15. And last but definitely not least, Mother Earth herself; and all the above choices made to minimize at every turn the carbon- and energy-footprint of this one choice.

All this to say: when you make a purchase from A Little Pillow Company, you are spreading the love and sending out a ripple of support far and wide signaling your commitment to sharing with each other and our precious Planet.  

Now that's caring.  Plain and simple

The Giving Tree of A Little Pillow Company


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