ALPC Organics: The Most Earth-Friendly Pillow Ever Made

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It's taken years but we are ecstatic to finally bring you the most perfectly sustainable, eco-friendly bed pillow on the planet!

Sown2Sewn Organic Adjustable Loft Pillow from A Little Pillow Company with USDA Certified 100% Organic Texas Grown Cotton Cover  and Certified Eco-Friendly Flex-Fill made from 100% recycled single-use plastic bottles. Machine-Washable. Made in the USA


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Despite the time it took, sourcing the materials and then putting it through its paces, this is by far the proudest moment in A Little Pillow Company's history.

With this pillow we have combined the brilliance of our Adjustable Loft system (the invisible zipper that allows you to customize the loft and feel to your personal perfection) with our Certified Eco-Friendly Flex-Fill (made from 100% recycled single-use plastic bottles) and put them both inside our newest Earth-sustaining element: 100% Texas Grown Organic Cotton.

We even know which farmer and from what fields this luscious USDA certified 100% organic cotton originates!  We also chose a knitted fabric vs the more traditional woven percale.  Not only did knit turn out to have an amazing feel and softness but it also has a significantly smaller carbon- and resource-footprint.  We've also chosen to use the natural fiber straight from the field (and therefore the color will vary from year to year) which hasn't been bleached white or dyed, making the input for our cloth ultra-low.

Knit 100% organic Texas-grown cotton fabric for ALPC Organics

Keeping the transportation carbon footprint small is another contributing factor to the earth-friendliness of ALPC Organics.  Here is a quick peak into that supply chain:

A Little Pillow Company's pillows & cases are 100% sourced and made in the USA

Our Organic Cotton Cover: Grown in Texas   >  Spun and woven in North Carolina  >  Made into pillows here at A Little Pillow Company in Virginia

Our Recycled Flex-Fill: Made in South Carolina  >  Stuffed into pillows here at A Little Pillow Company in Virginia.

Zippers & Thread: Made in Georgia > Sewn into pillows in Virginia

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Sewing at A Little Pillow Company

One final note: Because USA-grown organic is subject to pricey regulations by the USDA, the cost for these pillows is slightly higher.  We are absorbing some of this increase ourselves and hope you are willing to bear the other portion for our planet's sake.  After all an organic, USA-grown, fully USA-made, adjustable, hypoallergenic, washable pillow that sequesters single-use plastic bottles keeping them from our landfills and oceans, lasts over 20 years, and provides a scrumptious sleep is surely a worthy investment for you and your family!


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