Our Camping Collection

Oh, the places you can go with our Camping Pillows.  Each is designed to provide as much versatility as there are methods of traveling.  Being soft, supportive and supple - yet completely stuffable - they easily meet the demands of even the most prolific Wanderer.

*Available in retail stores only

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People Friendly. Planet Friendly.

Since 2007, A Little Pillow Company has been handcrafting the most scrumptious allergy-free, fully adjustable and truly sustainable pillows available. Here's to another 17 years!

100% Organic.

100% Non-Toxic.

100% USA Made.

In addition to being oh-so comfy, there are many more reasons to love these pillows for life.

  • Locally Sourced

    From thread to fill, each pillow is sustainably made from materials sourced entirely in the southern USA creating the lowest possible carbon-footprint.

  • Earth-Friendly Designs

    The Adjustable Loft Feature ensures the longest life for your investment and the planet as topping-up becomes the new norm vs throwing away and repurchasing. 

  • Giving Back

    A portion of every sale goes to supporting local and national caring organizations.

Camping Collection


  • Adjustable Loft Feature - allows for adding or removing of fill to customize to the perfect height, firmness or weight
  • Carrying Bag - 100% organic cotton, and 100% compostable - at the end of its life, that is.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable - This means pillowcases are not required but are available separately, if preferred
  • Cover - USDA Certified Organic Texas-grown cotton in a soft, jersey knit (and ultimately fully compostable, excluding zipper)
  • Fill -  Clustered recycled PET (remade from cleaned BPA-free single-use plastic water bottles…and repeatedly recyclable)
  • No flame retardants, anti-wrinkle additives, bleaches, dyes, or colorants
  • Handcrafted in Virginia since 2007
  • All materials, components and packaging are 100% USA sourced, and fully compostable (packaging, carrying case, pillow shell less zipper) or recyclable (packaging, fill) 

  • Small (shown top)
      • 9" x 15" (filled) / 10" x 16" (empty)
      • 6.6 oz (pillow only)
      • 7.5 oz (pillow + carrying bag)
      • $32.95 MSRP 
      • Model CMP-BG-SM
  • Medium (shown middle)
      • 9" x 19.5" (filled) / 10" x 20" (empty shell)
      • 9.5 oz (pillow only)
      • 10.5 oz (pillow + carrying bag)
      • $36.95 MSRP
      • Model CMP-BG-MD
  • Long (shown bottom)
      • 9" x 23.5" (filled) / 10" x 24" (empty shell)
      • 13.3 oz (pillow only)
      • 14.5 oz (pillow + carrying bag)
      • $39.95 MSRP
      • Model CMP-BG-LG


(Medium pillow+carrying case shown above) 


(From L to R: Long, Medium, Small)

 (Showing Adjustable Loft Feature in action)

 (*Long shown in above photo)



As these pillows can be regularly washed and dried as needed, pillowcases are not necessary but may be preferred by some.  

  • 100% USDA Certified Organic Texas-grown cotton in a soft, jersey knit 
  • Flap Style Closure - an inner pocket pulls around the end of the pillow, securing it in place
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No flame retardants, anti-wrinkle additives, bleaches, dyes, or colorants
  • Handcrafted in Virginia since 2007
  • All materials & components are 100% USA sourced
  • Machine-wash (or hand-wash) on cold or warm; followed by a machine-dry on low or medium. May also be air-dried.

(Opening end with inner flap tucked around pillow)

  • Small :
      • 10" x 16"
      • 6 oz 
      • Single - $19.95 MSRP 
      • 2 Pack - $37.95 MSRP
  • Medium :
      • 10" x 20" 
      • 9 oz 
      • Single - $21.95 MSRP
      • 2 Pack - $41.95 MSRP
  • Long :
      • 10" x 24"
      • 13 oz
      • Single - $22.95 MSRP
      • 2 Pack - $43.95 MSRP



Our Roadtrekker pillows are designed with larger, more conventional dimensions where space and weight aren’t as crucial considerations.  Except for an included Carrying Bag, these come with all the highlighted features of the Camping Collection. 


How to Wash & Dry Your Pillow

How to Use the Flap Pillowcase

Using the Adjustable Loft Feature