Real Words from Real Customers

A father and his two daughters on a bed with A Little Pillow Company pillows


Thank you! I had to order another pillow, because I kept coming to bed to find my husband had stolen my pillow! He has used a memory foam pillow for several years due to a bad neck (which I also have), and used to swear by it, but after sleeping on MY new pillow on nights when I am working, he says he thinks my pillow has improved his neck! He has less pain now. So now he'll have his own!  Thank you for making such a comfortable pillow! Roberta W.

What a wonderful pillow.  My 2 year old son is sleeping without tossing and turning for the first time in a month.  THANK YOU!!! Fazeela F.

I just received my pillows today and I must say I am very happy with them!  Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service I really appreciate the way your company does business.  I will be telling all of my friends about your fantastic company. Jennifer S.

Our little ones loved their new pillows!  My 4-year old has 2 on his bed and he was SO happy that they were the same size.  Now he could sleep on both pillows! My two-year old kept her head on a pillow for the first time EVER!  I didn't find her upside down in her bed this morning!  Thanks a bunch ~ GREAT pillows! Lynn P.

This is my second order so first I would like to thank you for a very good product.  My wife loves her new pillow as it has made her neck feel much better getting up in the morning.  Thanks again.  I really enjoy doing business with your company and will be sure to refer others. Dennis K.

My son is 19 months and absolutely loved the pillow that I bought last month!  The only problem is that he wants to take it everywhere!  So, I decided to buy another one for grandma's house.  Thank you for the great product! Tamara D., MI

Best toddler pillows ever. Patricia J.

We love our pillows!! I initially ordered 1 standard pillow (for my partner),1 child's travel pillow.... we loved them right away! We can't sleep without them!!  We both have chronic back and neck problems - and as proof have a pillow closet to prove it!  We've tried everything... foam, buckwheat, down, gel, neckrolls, and every unique shape, size and combination you could imagine!! These pillows are awesome!! They stay where you put them, we fall asleep faster, we both have less neck pain and as a really nice side benefit, my partner has all but stopped snoring! :) (not to mention the fact that you can just throw them in the washer and dryer!!)  I recently went on a trip and accidentally left my pillow on the train - so when I came home, I immediately ordered another child's pillow (replacement) and an additional standard - we fought over the one pillow we had until my replacement came!! Thank you SO much for creating these pillows!! :) I've told so many people about them.  Heather F.

My son has a (now in tatters) Little Pillow Company pillow.  It was his first, and has survived more use and washings than anyone could count.  It is so dear to him that he says he can not sleep without it!!  He has been sleeping with the tattered remains.  I am so glad I found you again on the internet.  I was really afraid that we would not be able to replace it.  Many Thanks!  We look forward (sleeplessly) to its arrival. Alison M.

Just wanted you to know that we love our pillow. The lavender material was much prettier in life than on the screen and I love the workmanship on the seams. My daughter took to this pillow from the first time she saw it and their "love" is still going strong, with attempts to take this pillow bathing with her.  I recommended your company to my friends and will upgrade to the next size with you. Oksana K.

I really do appreciate your company making pillows and pillowcases with such love and quality.  There are definitely not many small companies (and even less big companies) out there that sell products that are hypoallergenic, out of great material, and have excellent prices.  Thank you as well for taking the time to write back, it really makes this company stand out and feel very personal.  Thank you for your company....!  God Bless! Hazel V.

Just a quick note to let you know my twin two-year olds LOVE the little toddler pillows I bought for them.  They are just the right size for my little boys, and are super comfortable as well.  Thanks! Ann S.

We love the pillows we ordered from you they are soft and the right size for our grandkids. Marta N.

I received my pillow 2 days ago and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!!  I had been looking for something that wasn't too big for sleeping on my back but had to be supportive enough when I roll to my side.  THIS IS!!  I had a Temperpedic pillow and it started making my neck hurt.  I tried making my own by removing stuffing out of one pillow but that wasn't good when I slept on my side.  You can be sure I will be giving your card to my Chiropractor for other clients with similar issues.  Thank you for a great design! Sarah A.

I received my pillow and I'm really liking it.  It is maybe a little stiff right off the bat, but still comfortable and I believe that it will get even better as I break it in more and make it mine.  It is definitely better than what I have been using! Marilyn J.

The pillow I received is simply the best thing that ever happened to me I will be changing all the pillows in my house and recommending them to all of my friends and family.  I have never spared any expense when it came to pillows but have never found one like yours I have never been so happy.  You should start making mattresses!  I am a fan and a loyal customer - forever.  Thank you! Angela M.

I just received the pillow today (and am believing that my daughter received hers as well) and it's absolutely lovely!!!!!  Thank you for such a well-made product and for being my answer to prayer!  God bless you!  PS...I am adding your establishment to my list of "favorites"...Thanks again! Maryanne E., NY

I absolutely love my travel pillow.  Believe it or not, I've been putting in on top of my regular pillow at night to sleep on. Joyce T.

I love, love my pillow.  I ordered the new one for a present.  Wednesday is my boyfriend's birthday and he is getting a GREAT present.  Thank you for the perfect pillows and your good service. Julane G.

Thank-you for the wonderful pillow! My son just turned 2 and he loves it!!!  I can't tell you how difficult it is to find a small pillow for a little guy. Most are way too bulky and have terrible reviews so I was very glad to find you!  Thank-you very much and I will spread the word around to my friends! Tiffany H.

I just wanted to let you know that the travel pillow is perfect!  I'm finally able to sleep through the night and wake up without neck or shoulder pain.  If anybody ever asks me about pillows, I will steer them in your direction. Tracy W.

The last pillow I ordered was for my husband and he loves it!  I have started having sleep issues and borrowed his pillow to sleep better.  It worked but now he wants his back.  I'm ordering the travel hoping it will help with my neck when I read in bed. Shari H.

I have been very pleased with the other two pillows.  I had an adjustment period with my pillow, but after that it's been great!  The travel pillow I got for my son, and he loves using it on trips in the car.  He went to D.C. and New York this summer on a school trip and that pillow was a lifesaver for him.  It was easy to pack and he said it fit perfectly between his head and the window on the bus. Pamela D.

I was really hesitant because down is all I've ever used and I was anticipating a break in period.  Right from the start, they worked!  I am really pleased with your pillows!  They keep their shape during the night and I fluff them up when making the bed in the morning. Jeri T.

Our son absolutely loves his star pillow and we wanted to make sure that we stocked up with a couple extra so that he always will have one.  You make a wonderful product. Heidi R.

I must admit I was skeptical about ordering a pillow.  I had been uncomfortable for so long, I thought what could this pillow have that others didn't?  And who is 'A Little Pillow Company?'  Well, I ordered, gave it the two week trial and must admit I LOVE this pillow.  I placing another order today.  AND I will tell anyone that will listen about your product and service. Michelle E.

SUPER HAPPY with the pillow and the quality and comfort.  My little guy is sleeping soundly on it tonight!  Highly recommended to others!  Thank you for great customer service!  You are filling a niche in toddler pillows that I couldn't find anywhere else! Shannon Y.

I was very pleased and my daughter loves them.  Since we spend time in a variety of houses, she now wants to have one everywhere! Ana S.

My toddler loves her pillow and I find myself "stealing" it from her when she naps with me.  So, yes, I am super pleased. Maureen D.

The best pillows we've ever owned.  The missus still can't get over the fact that they get better after each wash.  These are for my Maw-in-law.  Will be back for more soon when I start to stock up for the holidays.  Thanks for a great pillow! Mike S.

I ordered two standard pillows from you in April 14, 2010.  I wanted to let you know I love my pillows.  They do just what you said.  I didn't have to take anything out of the pillow.  I just had to use the pillow and it formed just the way I wanted it to.  Thank you.  I just wanted to keep you posted. Norma D.

I received the pillow and love it.  It is so soft!! Angie R.

My son and I love our pillows.  My hubby keeps stealing my pillow so the new order is for him.  Thank you for such a wonderful product and customer service. Amber P.

I am very pleased with the pillow.  I have never had such a flexible yet supportive pillow.  I have randomly tried pillows I have seen at stores in the past and none of them are as good as yours! Emanuel B.

I love it and so does my one year old daughter.  She was laying on it earlier saying "ahhhhhh" over and over.  So cute. Virginia S.

I'm happy to say that my little girl loves this pillow - so much so that I'm going to order another one for her to take to school.  Thanks again - this is a fantastic pillow - perfect for toddlers. Dawn K.

Great JOB!!! These are the best pillows I've ever slept on... I liked them so much, I just ordered two more for a friend...  She tried them out and absolutely loves them...  Please keep up the great work...  Also, thanks for keeping it USA MADE...  This is the best reason to buy...  MADE IN USA!!!Taco

We received our pillows and cases this weekend and we are very pleased!  I actually just searched on-line for toddler pillows.  I was specifically looking for that smaller size and also for a company that I could order extra pillow cases.  Not only did you have the smaller pillows and the extra cases, but your prices were good in comparison.  I'd like to add that I think the thickness of these toddler pillows is perfect!  We have a pillow from Pottery Barn Kids and it's just too thick for my little guy to lay his head on.  My husband has a small pillow from when he was a toddler and it is very flat from use.  These pillows were the perfect in between thickness! Amanda P.

Your pillow just arrived.  It is just after noon here and the Fed Ex man staggered through the woods and 14 inches of falling snow to hand me the box.  Opened it and tried it immediately.  It couldn't be better.  Thank you so much! Michael O.

For the first time in a very long time I slept through the night, and that is a direct result of your pillows.  Thank you so much for the most comfortable pillow on the market.  I know because I have purchased so many in the past 5 years since I developed arthritis.  I saw your ad in a "Made in America" website and am so glad I did. Joan T.

The grandkids LOVE their pillows!  I was there in November and got to see them, nice!!  Thanks much... Linda B.

I got my new pillow yesterday.  I slept like a baby last night!  Thank you for your excellent service. Stephanie S.

Our son LOVES his toddler pillow and refuses to part company with it, so we are hoping that the child pillow will help to ease the transition.  We ordered another toddler pillow for our daughter who will soon be ready for it!  For a time, I couldn't find your website and was a bit panicked that I wouldn't ever be able to find those great pillows again!! Travis H.

My pillow arrived yesterday.  I am so excited!  It is exactly what I want. Sandra H.
I am very satisfied with my pillow.  I get a great sleep, and I don't get the neck pain any more.  I would highly recommend this pillow to anyone who wants a comfortable, good night sleep.  Thanks so much!!  Keep up the good work. Carol H.
I purchased a toddler pillow and pillow case from your company last month through Amazon. I just wanted to let you know that this purchase exceeded my expectations. The pillow is absolutely perfect. Just the right size and fill. The pillow case is also very nice. It seems like childrens' products will often lack good quality but not in this case.  Thank you again. Nicole V.