What is the correct size pillow for a toddler?

First of all, pediatricians recommend that toddlers not be given a large or adult size pillow.  They need one sized for their small necks and bodies, which is why A Little Pillow Company's Toddler Pillow at 13" x 19" is made to fit the toddler, not the bed. 

In addition to the physiological reason behind a low-profile pillow, another benefit is how it can encourage a restless child to move less during the night.  Many, many parents are surprised, but pleased, at finding that their toddlers are more stationary as they learn to stay on the pillow while sleeping.  Please remember though, as every child is different they will adjust at different rates to a new pillow.  Our pillows are the appropriate size and loft for 2 - 4 year old children.

Some parents have expressed concern that a toddler pillow looks too small since it doesn't fit fully across a toddler bed -- then again, neither does one adult pillow fit across an adult bed.  Just because a bedding company supplies standard size pillow cases with your crib, toddler or twin sheet set does not mean that a standard size pillow is right for a young child.  Many of these companies simply are not interested in putting in the effort to provide toddler cases or toddler pillows.  If you like the way the standard size looks on the bed, by all means use one for the decor but remove it during the night and give your child the appropriate size pillow for sleeping.

You should also let your child 'tell' you when they are ready to go up to our larger Youth Pillow.  Some may reach this stage earlier than others, especially those children who are at the upper end of their growth rates.  Having said this, we have adults who actually use our toddler size as their complete nighttime pillow so open-mindedness here too is helpful.

*Our Custom Loft option also comes in the toddler and youth sizes which enables you to adjust the loft to best fit your child.