Where are your pillows & pillowcases made?

Our Fabrics:

The fabrics we use for our pillow covers and pillowcases start in the cotton fields right here in the USA. They then move to the processing stage (ginning, spinning, knitting or weaving, finishing) also USA-local. 

Our Fill:

The BPA-free water bottles from which our stuffing is made are collected from recycling bins all over the USA before being cleaned, chipped, extruded and finally clustered into our 100% eco-friendly Flex-Fill....just down the road in the Carolinas.

A Little Pillow Company pillows & pillowcases are 100% made in the USA

Bits and Bobs:

Our zippers and thread originate in the Peach State.  We love knowing that our efforts to keep our transportation and carbon-footprint small are proving successful and we continue to shrink that radius with new, local sources for sustainable packaging.

Sewing & Shipping:

All of the above pillow and pillowcase components arrive here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where our business headquarters and sewing facility happily reside under one roof.  Our Team is made of local people who gather together to cut-out and sew and iron and fluff and package and discuss the goings-on in the world.  And if a little gossip creeps into the conversation from time to time, well, we are only human after all.

Headquarters and sewing facility of A Little Pillow Company